Our Legacy

Valakkunja taravadu traditionally famous for keeping the heritage and history of Astrology and Vasthushastra, two shastras which are closely associated with human life. This taravadu is also known for keeping the tradition of Mantravedas. Every prodigly in the taravadu is famous in the above mentioned fields.

With years of ‘Sadhana’ Valakkunja taravadu became an expert resource for Astrology, Vasthu shasthra’s, Mantrashastra and medicine.

Later certain fields like medicine and mantrashastra were handed over to different sections of taravadu and now Valakkunja only takes care of Jyothishastra and Vasthushastra. Traditionally followed styles which is suitable for the current generation and simple solutions to the problems are Valakkunja’s speciality.

Valakkunja Venkatramana Bhat

Valakkunja Venkatramana Bhat

The son of Valakkunja Krishna Bhat and Devaki Amma, Valakkunja Venkatramana Bhat keeps up the tradition of Astrology and Vasthushastra in present. After his basic education, he started learning astrology and became an expert in this field for the last 40 years…Along with astrology , he learned and practiced Vasthu shastra in Muniyangala Mana. During this 40 years, he travelled many temples for Vasthu solutions and participated in Swarna prashnam, Ashtamangalprashnam and Thamboola prashnam with many other expert astrologers.He has been honored with the titles “Jyothisha Rathnam” and “Jyothisha Vidwan” for his contributions in Astrology and Vasthushastra.

Following the footsteps of this great father Valakkunja Venkatramana Bhat, both of his sons Muralikrishna sharma and Gireesh sharma are now carrying the rich traditions and legacy of Valakkunja taravadu. His elder son Muralikrishna Sharma learned astrology from famous astrologer Sri Mazhur Kapali Namboothiri and his younger son Gireesh Sharma learned Vasthu Shasthra from the famous Guru and Vasthu expert Sri Vezhapparambu Chithrabhanu Namboothiripad.

About Jyothirvasthu Valakkunja

Jyothirvasthu-Valakkunja vowed to keep up the rich tradition of Vasthu and Astrology of ancient days .
By acquiring knowledge in Vasthu and Astrology from the Great Legacy of “Valakkunja” and learning from the real Gurus who have immense experience, we derive and deliver the solutions according to the changing needs of modern day life.
By sticking to the rich tradition of Vasthu and Astrology, we empower people with solutions on different topics and the problems related to their destiny .

What we offer in Astrology
Swarna prashnam or Ashtamangala prashnam
Thamboola prashnam
Aroodha prashnam
Jataka Ghatanam
Jataka Chintanam(Inquiry of horoscope)
Our service in Vasthu
Temple Vasthu
Gruha Vasthu
Building Vasthus
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