Astrology With Jyothirvasthu Valakkunja

Through Jyothirvasthu Valakkunja we are trying to share the benefits of Astrology  with common man. By keeping essence of traditional values in astrology we provide the solutions that may help people for a happy, healthy,wealthy and prosperous life. Jyothirvasthu Valakkunja provides excellence  in astrology for success and achievement in life. 

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New Beginning with Vasthushasthra

Jyothirvasthu-valakkunja is complete solution for vasthu. We follow the traditional vasthushastra with correct measurement which will create good vibes in the structures .This will bring good health and prosperity to the beneficiary.We are providing solutions to the modern day life problems by blending the vasthushastra techniques  with situational requirements of the location.

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About Jyothirvasthu Valakkunja

Jyothirvasthu-Valakkunja vowed to keep up the rich tradition of Vasthu and Astrology of ancient days .
By acquiring knowledge in Vasthu and Astrology from the Great Legacy of “Valakkunja” and learning from the real Gurus who have immense experience, we derive and deliver the solutions according to the changing needs of modern day life.
By sticking to the rich tradition of Vasthu and Astrology, we empower people with solutions on different topics and the problems related to their destiny .

What we offer in Astrology
Swarna prashnam or Ashtamangala prashnam
Thamboola prashnam
Aroodha prashnam
Jataka Ghatanam
Jataka Chintanam(Inquiry of horoscope)
Our service in Vasthu
Temple Vasthu
Gruha Vasthu
Building Vasthus
Office Address
Jyothirvasthu Valakkunja
Shop No- S2
PIO mall, Bejai church road, Kodialbail
Mangaluru, 575004