Astrology is the study of influence of stars and planets on  individuals for it is said to play a major role in shaping their personality and their future.

It is thousands of years old study of the influential effects of the sun,moon,stars and planets on events on the earth and horoscopes are predictions or insights into our lives, made by studying the stars in our sign on the zodiac.

Astrology aids in discovering the innate power to create each day and design your destiny  by merging ancient wisdom with practical living. The history of astrology encompasses a large span different cultures and human history.Indian astrology originated from vedic scriptures dating back at least ten to twenty thousand years.

The Vedas are  the oldest books of the world library.They are the worlds most ancient scriptures and the most complete system of knowledge known  to mankind. Thus Indian astrology is the science of understanding the subtle influences on us from great universe.

Jyothirvasthu Valakkunja provides amicable solutions to the  problems through traditional  Jyothisha Shastra.

About Jyothirvasthu Valakkunja

Jyothirvasthu-Valakkunja vowed to keep up the rich tradition of Vasthu and Astrology of ancient days .
By acquiring knowledge in Vasthu and Astrology from the Great Legacy of “Valakkunja” and learning from the real Gurus who have immense experience, we derive and deliver the solutions according to the changing needs of modern day life.
By sticking to the rich tradition of Vasthu and Astrology, we empower people with solutions on different topics and the problems related to their destiny .

What we offer in Astrology
Swarna prashnam or Ashtamangala prashnam
Thamboola prashnam
Aroodha prashnam
Jataka Ghatanam
Jataka Chintanam(Inquiry of horoscope)
Our service in Vasthu
Temple Vasthu
Gruha Vasthu
Building Vasthus
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Jyothirvasthu Valakkunja
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